Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Letters

Yesterday I received a sweet email from my distant husband. Eleven heartfelt words, short and sweet, to the point, told me all I needed to hear. He loves me and wishes I were with him.

I have read and reread it over and over. Why wouldn’t I? It’s from someone I love, someone with whom I have a deep and meaningful relationship. Someone who loves me back, more than anyone else in the world--in this world.

There is someone who is outside of this world who loves me ever so much more than my sweet Bear could ever love me. It’s true.

I have a letter from Him too. It’s a big one, 783,137 words total in the King James Version. It has 1189 chapters and 66 books.

It’s sitting over on the end table next to my cozy chair. It’s in pretty good shape for how old it is. The pages should be creased, and wrinkled; the spine should be broken with pages falling out. It should be dog-eared, and written in, highlighted and full of sticky notes, but it’s not.

Is it because I don’t love Him? No, I do. Is it because I don’t want to read what He’s written to me? No, I know it is good for me, that He only wants me to have the very best and to tell me how much He loves me. Is it because I don’t have the time? I think that’s it. The relationship I treasure most in my life goes by the wayside, because I think that I don’t have time to spend with my Lord.

I don’t have time?



If I will read eleven words over and over from my earthly sweetheart, why on earth would I not want to spend time daily with my Lord? Which is why I am recommitting and reminding myself of my New Year’s commitment, to read His Word all the way through this year.

Three chapters, that’s it, three chapters a day is all it takes. Five on Sunday, but you should be in His Word more on Sunday because it should be a day of rest, no soccer games, concerts, and dinners out with friends.

Spend time with your God, that’s what I’m going to do.


Jenny said...

Great post! Last night in Bible study the leader on tape (Stormie) said "Dirty Bible = Clean Heart"

Happy Valentine's Day!

Emily said...

awesome point. Try reading a chapter at dinnertime w/ the fam. As soon as I got out of Proverbs. (baaaaad mistake reading that at dinner time) I jumped over to John and pick my favorite parables and stories of healings. It's way better now.

And THANK GOODNESSS I've found someone else who will admit that they like love and mushy stuff and letters and the like.

Would you believe that every blog this morning I've visited so far is anti-valentines holiday? I just say, why is it so awful that someone gets to pause their life and re-affirm they're crazy about you?

I plan on doing just that later. :)

kmom3 said...

Your honesty is a blessing!
Happy Valentine's Day, sweet Mary Lu! I am glad I found you one day over at Lysa's place. :)
You make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for the reminder!

LauraLynn said...

You are very encouraging! Thanks for the kick in the pants! I just bought my first bible to myself and need to start reading it~


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