Thursday, February 7, 2008

Come visit me...

My dear brother just informed me that placing a dirty diaper in the mailbox could be likened to Illegal Dumping of Bio Hazard Waste on US Federal Property.
So if the Water Department guys decide to turn me in and I'm doing time in the Big House, will you all come visit me?


Joanne said...

Hello Mary! How come all this time I did not know you had a blog? Very interesting posts :) I skimmed through real quick this morning ... you made me laugh a few times. I also think you are a little nuts for naming your appliances! (I mean that with nothing but love!) But I LOVE the reason why :) You are right, they are our servants.
We have not had a dryer for about a year now. However, I bought a used one a few weeks ago ... patiently waiting for my dad to come extend the gas line and hook it all up. Often times on laundry day we have wet clothes all over the house in various places. It's a mess! But, it gets a little humid in here and I like that break from the dry winter air (Midwest). We do have the option of driving each load down the street to dry at grandma's house, but that does not always happen.

OK, I'll check back regularly!

With love in Christ,

Reformed Grits said...


kmom3 said...

Yes, I will come and visit you. Especially since you have fixed me turkey noodle soup!


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