Sunday, March 29, 2009


Is this what I'm not doing?
I thought that I held loosely to what was in my hand.
Apparantly, I have not.
I guess if it feels as if part of me has been ripped away, I was clinging pretty tightly to it.
I'll try Lord.
My hands are open Lord.
I'm letting loose.
Take what you want.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funny Pic to share

I've been sorting through oodles and gobs of pictures. (ha ha, my mother used to say that!) Anyway, a lot! Been trying to edit, crop, identify pictures to go in a memorial album for my brother Clarence's family.

I think we are up to 24 copies so far. I'm doing them digitally with a great program from Creative Memories called Storyook Creator Plus. It makes me look like I'm a graphic designer, which clearly, I'm not! But anyway, it's great.

I came across this funny picture of my Daddy and brothers. Thought I'd post it here.

Clarence is on the right standing next to Dad. I guess they were playingping pong. Although I don't remember that there was a ping pong table in that room? Hmmm, maybe they were just being weird, which is tipical behavior for the men in my family.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old Home

While we were away at my brother's funeral in Idaho, Bear and I drove to the house I lived in for the first 14 years of my life. It is a very old (120 years?) home in Meridian Idaho. It was called the Wireless Ranch, there was a wireless radio tower on the property when it was first built.

I loved the home. My dad had done so many great improvements, there were built in cabinets, drawers, shelves, special display shelves for my brothers' model cars, drop down desks, etc. Dad and my brothers built this huge drop down train table with pipe legs that screwed on when it was down. There was always something fun going on, and I loved living there.
Bear and I drove up to the home to take some pictures. Bear drove up the driveway and I started snapping pictures. Mr. Todd Owner, (not his real name...) came out of the house. ”May I help you?” he said somewhat reservedly. I told him who I was and that we once lived here. He remembered us from a few years ago when we had driven by and asked us if we would like to come in and see the inside. Of course we did!

We talked with him about changes Dad had made, knocking out walls, the maid’s quarters, etc. I took some pictures, which I will post on my blog. Some of it has changed drastically, other parts of it are just as it was when we lived there.
There was dirt in the sandbox and I didn’t want to dig to find our handprints, but I took a picture of the back patio dated 1970. It all looked much smaller than I remember. Hmm.
Todd said that the historical society had been out and looked at the garage. The roof has termites and they weren’t interested in putting it on the registry because of the damage.
The pole house was gone when they moved in, and the basement rooms had been changed. Brian and Clarence’s room had been enlarged into the pink shag carpeted girls room. Todd was going to redo the downstairs bathroom soon. But the pink upstairs bathroom was just as I remembered it. Pink fixtures and the same pink rose wallpaper.

I told him if he ever wanted to sell it there were a few family members who might be interested. He said, oh good, it starts at one million for the house, out buildings and 4.5 acres. Wow!

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