Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worst Mom Award

Last week, I made my daughter eat pound cake just so we wouldn't have leftovers. While that may not seem too bad, she doesn't like pound cake. I didn't realize she didn't like it, but I didn't want it hanging around, she obediently complied. Then immediately spit it out.

I created this award for those times when we as Moms do those awful things we shouldn't! Like feeding your kids expired yogurt, Carla.

This one's for you! Grab it and take it on over!

If you see this and know of a Mom who could use a laugh, feel free to pass it around. All in fun, mind you, the Mom's I know are great!!


Emily said...

I too am the worlds worst mom and will take this prize home today.

I asked my daughter if she was in kindergarten still. Which prompted huge crocodile she's in THIRD grade. :) whoops.

<---That Girl said...

Great one! I think we all feel that way. Once when my daughter was just 4 she was really angry about something and yelled that she was going to entire myself & my husband in the "Worst Parents Ever Contest". Then she turned around and said "And you'd win!" I don't know where a child that young would come up with something so funny. She's always had a way with words. said...

i want this award!!! like, every day!

world's worst mom award moment this week:

throwing away ALL my children's v-day candy and cards because i thought it was making the house too cluttered.

including the little bags they had decorated.


Meredith said...

I love reading your blog! Yes, I am planning on being at the spouses seminar and ball. I look forward to meeting you in person! :-)

Lelia Chealey said...

I was just named this by my 6 yr old a few weeks her sleep!!! So, you know it's how she really thinks. :)
Oh well, love your award! :)
Thanks for the comment about my folks. They're such a neat couple.
Blessings to you my friend~

kmom3 said...

Okay, I should have put this award up for myself yesterday!
How are you guys feeling? I hope everyone is doing much better. We are on the road to feeling better.
Blessings, sweet lady!


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