Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'll take her on...

Years ago, when I started this blog I made up this persona, Skinny Girl.  She lives inside of me and has even made herself public for a while after the birth of Robbie. I've managed to subdue her and keep her quiet with copious amounts of chocolate cake, pies and very little activity.

I'm surprised at how easy it was to shut her up.
She's been screaming for a few months and I can't ignore her any longer. She occasionally rears her skinny little head and crabs at me to take a hike--or a walk--whatever; the message is the same to me.

I don't like Fat Girl either. She's annoying.  She whines about aches and pains and bi-focals and tendonitis. I'm tired of hearing how her clothes don't fit right, how the bathroom scales show larger numbers during "that time of the month."

So, in order to shut them both up, and thereby create a bit more sanity inside my head, I have tried to take long walks along our bike path, but I've developed foot pain.  I'm heading out to the Doc today to see what it is.  It's annoying, that's for sure.

So because walking hurts, I bought a bike--nothing fancy or speedy.  A pretty little plum colored Shwinn. She has a wide seat, just like mine, goofy broad touristy handles and a basket.

I imagine myself looking like this,

But I'm sure I really look like Margaret Hamilton.

Now that Margaret's "theme music" is stuck in your head, I'm pulling out Penelope Shwinn and going to take a spin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy with my new friend, Lucy

My new friend is my Tin Lizzie, whom I have affectionately named Lucy.  She and I have been getting to know one another as we work out our little idiosincrisies.
I've finished 7 quilt since I got her up and running just a month and a half.  My free motion quilting has improved, and I've learned a few things that have made my quilting better.  The biggest thing I have learned is to slow down and do things right the first time.  Planning the design is probably the hardest part.

I have completed some quilts using an all over meander, scrolls with hearts, flowers and stars intermingled. My greatest accomplishment is a sampler quilt for a friend. I can't unveil it yet because it hasn't been given yet. Soon, I promise.

Here are a few pictures of the latest finishes:

 This is a quilt top my Mom put together with a piece of vintage toy fabric. The toys are vintage and so is the fabric! I quilted it with an all over scroll design.  It was quilt number 1.
 Quilt number 2 is for my daughter Miss Busy.  She loves girly, daisies.  We bought this as a kit from a shop down in Ocean Shores, Washington.  It only took me about 3 years to put it together.  {smile}
 The next one is a wonky Log Cabin quilt for my son, Ace.  This is the third quilt in a series.  Each boy has a scrappy, wonky Log Cabin quit for their beds.  All three boys share a room so that I can have a sewing room for myself.  (Aren't they nice?)
 This is the Bricks of Healing quilt for my brother Gordon.  It started out as a project for him, but turned into a comfort quilt for his wife after his passing.
 This is my latest finish.  It's a Blue Ridge Beauty pattern from Bonnie Hunter's book Adventures with Leaders and Enders. This quilt is also for a gift, so I can't really give you any more information.  I wish I could mail along an automatic video camera with it.  I love to see the smiles when a gift is received.

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