Sunday, September 15, 2013

My family should totally thank Ree Drummond

I love me some Pioneer Woman! I have been a follower on her blog for a while now, but now that I have my own ranch--it pales in comparison to hers, but one can dream--I have been watching every episode. My DVR is full.  Don't anyone touch the delete button, either.  I'll have your hide.

I have implemented many of her ideas in my own homemaking. I store my staples in mason jars, (actually, I did that before I came to love her.) I love cowboy boots, horses and basset hounds. 

I don't have a basset hound yet, but I'm working on it.  I just have to reconcile the fact that the hound might actually sleep on my couch.  I'm not ok with that yet.

I use handkerchiefs for napkins now just like she does.
I homeschool, just like she does.  I'm a blogger, just like she is, I could go on and on!
We are practically twins!

But since I have begun watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, my cooking has really improved.  I have made the most amazing biscuits.
Her four layer chocolate cake has nearly put me in a sugar coma, and put me in good standing with friends and family.

Her brisket is to die for! I even nearly killed myself after making her mashed potatoes. Ok, not really.  But the knife did get me pretty good. I blame it on the knife, not the recipe or the cook.

All I got say is, my family should all be writing thank-you letters to Ree.  I obsess about her a lot, but she is the reason my family is eating so well.

Thank you, Pioneer Woman!


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