Saturday, February 16, 2008

Suburban Update!

I picked up the Sub, ran to Wal-Mart and then “treated” the kids to a drive thru car wash! Complete with triple color foam, thankyouverymuch!

As we pulled out of the car wash, I flipped the wipers to rid the beautifully clean windshield of the remaining drops the high-speed jet engine didn’t blow away, nothing! I flipped again, back and forth, nothing! No wipers! I tried pulse, delay, spray, low, high. Not a movement! Dead! What else can go wrong on this bucket of bolts and hyper-sensitive circuitry!?

I drove back to the mechanic, and lovingly told him, I’d like to send him on a cruise, or put a kid through college, because indeed, I’d be whipping out my Debit card again for him to swipe!

Turns out, some knucklehead who has earned the term of endearment, Idiot Previous Owner, had a little trouble with the wipers and instead of replacing the bad electrical board, (which he should have done,) he had it re-soldered, making big leaden globs of goo all over board inside the housing, which have since shorted out, and blown the motor. You may think, it’s just wipers! Can’t you live without wipers? Not on the wet side of state where I live.
So now, I’m again without a car, hopefully just until this evening, and I’ll be paying $160 more toward Tim’s Bahama Fund.

Will there come a point where I just have a new car? Maybe I should take off the radiator cap and drive a new one underneath, I know it works, we just replaced it!

On another positive note; (Call me Pollyanna!) I’m not feeling depressed about this, I am able to laugh and at least be cynical, so I must be feeling a bit better.

Thanks for praying.


Emily said...

Since I've paid my dues w/ crappy car issues. I have the right to laugh along w/ you.

Here's to your mechanics Bahamas fund.

Totallyscrappy said...

I love a day when I can send my mechanic to a specific destination. Your mechanic should be traveling the world with my mechanic any day now!
Oooh-la-la triple color wash. My kids are jealous!

We Are A Happy Family said...

Lee needs to replace the wiper motor in his truck too. HE was able to beat into sunbmission for the past few years. This year it finally gave up the ghost. Bring your sub and he can replace both of them at the same time.

Maybe we could meet you half way and pick up a kid.

Jenny said...

That is not fun! But I love the tri-colored foam in the car wash. When Lauren was little if we didn't get the colored foam, she cried the entire time!

ABW said...

Car washes are a treat for my kids, lol! You have a great outlook!

Carol said...

We just shelled out $850 for one car and three days later $800 for the other. Now the automatic door locks on the van don't work. UGH! I know what you mean.


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