Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready for School

Our homeschooling adventure continues on Thursday, the first of September.  We homeschooled last year, using Rod and Staff Curriculum.  It was difficult for me and I'm not sure the kids really enjoyed themselves.  I heard them stammer when people asked how they like homeschooling.  If that doesn't reflect a dislike, I'm not sure what does.

This year I've done some research.  When you begin a venture not knowing what lies ahead, you often don't have many questions because you don't know what questions to ask.  But this year I feel more prepared.  I knew what they did not like and what did not fit our styles of learning and teaching.

Armed with this knowledge, I embarked on a search for the curriculum that would fit us better.  I really wanted Sonlight, but the cost is prohibitive.  I had heard good things about A Beka, but it's more of a school/classroom environment, which is the reason we didn't like Rod & Staff.  I stumbled across My Father's World and liked the price, the way we could combine all the students together and then have individual levels for Language Arts, Spelling and Math.

My Father's World uses a rotating course approach.  We start with an overview of God's World and the countries and continents.  Then next year we dig deeper into the beginning of civilization and work our way toward the present in subsequent years.  I'm excited, I can see a long term benefit, and continuity to this program where in R&S I felt so...lost, I guess, for want of a better word.

I have added the appropriate math for Robby, Ace, Miss Busy and Chels; and Boo has his own kindergarten program given to us by a friend.  When she gave it to me, I sort of put it aside and didn't look at it until I had ordered MFW for the other kids.  I just figured that whatever Boo had, I would shuffle it into the day as it seemed to fit.  I looked at it the other to prepare and discovered it too was My Father's World! How amazing is that!? I am taking that as a sign that this program is for us. 

Boo is advanced for a Kindergarten child, I think.  He's been doing preschool with Miss Busy for most of last year.  He's smart. He loves to be up at the school desk with the rest of the kids so this will be a fun year for him as well. 

Our school room is more colorful, more organized, and more kid friendly this year.  I'm not going to get so uptight about paperwork, busywork or schedules.  We will learn together, study God's people and His world and learn more about Him.  In the process, I am confident that the academics will take care of themselves.

Matthew 6:33 - "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

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