Friday, February 8, 2008

Traditions and Remembrance

My daily Bible readings this week have been from the books of Leviticus and Numbers. I have been reading A LOT about duties, rules, feasts, regulations and conduct. I can't believe that God wanted them to only perform these regulations, but to remember why He gave them in the first place. He often told Moses to tell the Israelites, "When they do such and such, remember how I saved them from the Egyptians."

The traditions were not all about the DOING of the thing, but rather they were to help them REMEMBER what God had done.

When my husband was deployed to Iraq a few years ago, we started a tradition; movie and pizza night, every Friday night. The kids and I started it then to give them something to look forward to and to remember that even with Daddy not around, we were still a family and we would still celebrate special family times. I was pregnant during both of Bear's deployments and I often "cheated" with a frozen pizza, it was a break for me to not have to cook and I could have a relaxing evening with my kids.

Now I usually make one from scratch, having the dough ready for the kids to put their favorite toppings on before we pop it into the oven. Friday night is family night at our house, it is a special day of the week where we know that it will be just us, no running around, no neighbor kids intruding on our comfort of home, a time when we remember that family is important.

Though it started while Daddy was gone, we have continued it after he returned and then again during the next deployment, and continue it to this day. It is as special to my kids now as birthdays and holidays. They know that Friday night is special and when kids ask about playing outside, they tell them that Friday night is special; we spent it with our family.

They are remembering.


Emily said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea. What a cool thing for your kids to remember when they're older. They'll remember the fun and specialness of it...not the years when you did frozen don't remember that stuff.

am I right?

Lelia Chealey said...

That's great...hope you all had fun last night.
LOVED the diapers in the mailbox story. I read the one about what your brother said 1st & couldn't figure out what you were talking about then I scrolled down & read your previous post. That was hilarious!
Gotta run & get my haircut...pray she's not hungover. :)
Love ya!


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