Monday, March 10, 2008

Traumaleen Continued:

If you didn't read the first part, click here.

The Docs told me that she needed surgery to pull the fragment out and get the joint back together. It wasn’t an emergency so they scheduled it for Sunday morning.

Sometime around 2:30, which was actually 3:30 because of Daylight Savings time they got her into a room in the Pediatric Ward. I had some allergy medication that I should have taken around bedtime and I was having stuffy nose symptoms, so I drove home after she was settled and sleeping. While I was there I picked up her Get-better Bear. She got it from a Doc about 8 years ago when she had pneumonia. She had been asking for it all night.

After I got back, the nurse had a pull out convertible chair/sleeper and had sheets and a pillow for me.

I slept for a couple of hours and the Ortho Doc and the Ortho Surgeon came in and said surgery would be in about 30 minutes.

I helped her get robed and ready, and then we walked (she rode) to OR. I said goodbye after they had her sedated and waited in the OR waiting room.

I did manage to make some phone calls to my church and leave a message about her surgery so that our congregation could pray. They did and the prayers were answered.

Ortho Surgeon came in after only an hour and said they were done, it was supposed to take about two, he said they were able to manipulate the fragment out without cutting her open. Thank the Lord! Prayers were answered that morning.

The fragment is in an acceptable position and will either grow fibrous tissue or bone and reattach. Doc said if there was a chance that she would be a major league baseball pitcher they would open it and screw the piece back on, but it really is fine.

The put on a split cast until the swelling goes down, then they will wrap it in cast material in about a week. Get better Bear also got a cast and even got a hospital gown just her size, from the pediatric nurse Clare.

She’s taking Tylenol with Codeine for a few days, but she is a tough cookie.
Thanks everyone for your prayers, I know that this could have been much worse or have happened after I leave on my trip.

My dear friend AZ-Wheeln is feeling pretty badly since it was her traumaline they were on. Her daughter came in and asked for ice for Chels but didn’t think anything about it. Pray for her, she’s feeling a little guilt-ridden.

The Lord lay on my heart to get flowers and write her this verse, “A friend loveth at all times” Proverbs 17:17. I also gave a dozen roses to my neighbor Billie for watching the other kids for nearly 24 hours.

It is good to have people who love you and are willing to inconvenience themselves to help in a time of need.


Jenny said...

I'm glad the surgery went well and quickly! I'll be praying that she feels better quickly.


Anonymous said...

I am glad everything worked out as well as it did. I am sure that is something you won't want to repeat anytime soon!

Carol said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm relieved that all is well! Praise the Lord!

Laura said...

Glad everything went well. Were you here at the ER? I wish you had called. I would have come and sat with you. Take care and keep us posted!

Emily said...

whew! I will now look at trampolines and attach your blog title to it.

poor little sweetie

Amy Wyatt said...

Glad you have some close friends nearby who are willing to help out . Praying for a quick recovery.

kmom3 said...

Oh, my, Mary Lu! In my trying to not be on the computer so much, I missed your first post about this! I am so, so sorry this happened to your precious girl. But I am glad they did not have to cut her. I will be praying for her. And for you! Seeing our little ones hurting is so tough!
Blessings, sweet lady!

Dimple Queen said...

Oh goodness...I haven't stopped by and now this...oh my...I am so glad everyone was praying and all is better now. I will pray for your traumaline friend too...

I will never call it a trampoline again will forever be a traumaline to me!!! LOL

Cheri said...

Yikes, you've been busy, girl. I am so glad everything went well. I prayed for some quick healing!!

Lelia Chealey said...

Wow! So glad she's ok. Life is just never dull, is it? :)


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