Friday, August 31, 2007

Quart Count

Well, I'm done canning for today, I finished 25 quarts of peaches, or rather, AZ-Girl and I finished them. She's my sweet neighbor from across the street. She has helped me do jams and jellies too. Very helpful!!
Then we started in on the 6 boxes of pears. We did two boxes tonight before dinner. I got 18 quarts of pears. I did 4 jars with green food coloring and two with red for Christmas dinners.
Hubby and Fordman, AZ-Girl's sweetheart are putting up my light fixture/pot rack tonight, yay!! We've only had it for about 6 months. Finally, I'll have light again over my sink.

No Yard Sale--Canning peaches and pears.

I was supposed to have a yard sale today with my neighbor across the street. We spend most of the day yesterday cleaning and sorting her garage for the sale. I had been sorting stuff for quite some time and had a pile ready in the garage. But unfortunately, it has been so hot in my garage that the pears and peaches are ripening too fast. I thought I had a week or more to get them done. So instead of selling, I'll be canning today. It actually will be a good day to be in the kitchen, it is a bit cloudy, imagine that, here, in Washington, cloudy! Go figure.
I cleaned the kitchen and have all my jars sorted, I'm doing pear halves, maybe, (I cut them up anyway for the kids, so I'm thinking why not cut them up now.)
I'll post tallys later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pics of the kids.

We have company here for the night. They are traveling to the coast for a vacation before school starts. DearFriend commented that BooBoo sure looks like me so I pulled out some photos of me when I was his age. Oh my goodness!! It is amazing the resemblance. I'll scan one of me and then post one of BooBoo for you all to see. Hubby wants to get BooBoo's hair cut, but I'm afraid his little curls will all go away if we do that. Miss Busy lost hers when we trimmed, and now she is completely straight. I say the curls stay for a while.
BooBoo is such a sweet baby. He has learned how to give kisses but prefers not to shower them on just anyone. I gave him a bite of peach tonight and he "said" thank you by blowing a kiss to me.
On a totally different note, I've lost access to my second computer with Memory Manager on it. The machine won't load, Hubby thinks it has a bad hard drive, we had 2hard drives linked together to give me more space for my pictures. I'm going to reload MM on my original machine, my Dell. and then try and recover the data on my grey machine. I had 600 photos that had not been backed up. I'm scared I may have lost them for good. Both of my 2 GB camera cards are nearly full so that may be all that wasn't saved in the program, but I would hate to lose all of that unsaved data. My grey machine only had MM loaded on it, so I haven't lost anything else. We were trying to save space on the dell by loading my pictures on another machine. So frustrating. If I reload MM, I'll have to resort some of my pictures, for some reason it doesn't get all the pictures in the right place. But sorting a couple hundred is better than 6000. I have over 6k in my Memory Manager right now. I'm feeling lost without it, I couldn't edit this baby picture of me as well as I would have liked. Sorry for the quality. I hope you can see the resemblance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jars Washed and Labeled.

Today after scrapbooking with the ladies at Faith, I came home and washed the jars and labeled them. I usually use a sharpy, but since I had so many to do, I decided to use my computer. I had some Avery labels and downloaded a template for printing them. How easy!! I love my computer! I had to trim them a bit, but made quick work of that with my Creative Memories Personal Trimmer. (You can get your own CM supplies by visiting my website and shopping online.)
I labeled them on the lids only so when they are used I can just throw them away and not have to scrape labels off the jars. I did that once, what a pain.

I had a successful scrapbooking Crop this morning, sold over $400, nearly half of that was from inventory. So that is money in my pocket, the other is for one new customer who is excited about the new Vintage Power Pallet. It is so cool, all the papers and stickers are coordinated, and very stylish. It makes for an easy album project. I'd like to be able to keep a running tally of the album pages I have completed since I started this blog, but I can't figure it out, if someone knows how, tell me know.
Heading off to sleep now, late night last night, and company coming tomorrow.

62 quarts and 1 pint!

Tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and spices. 9 am on Monday to after 2 am on Tuesday. hot stove, sticky floors, 4 loads in the dishwasher, soup and bread for the kids and Hubby, burning hands from the acidic tomaotes.

Couldn't have done it without DC and her son.

Absolutely exhausted.

I'm not blogging very coherantly, nor am I spelling correctly, I don't suppose. I have sat here for the last hour and a half trying to figure out my blog again, it has been nearly a year. Couldn't figure out how to post again. Finally, blogger just kind of figured it out on it's own. Good, cause I have no brains right now.

DC and her son came to help me to day and oh, my, what a blessing they were to me. I never couldn't have gotten it done without them. Last week, I made about 50-60 pints and half pints of jams and jellies. My cupboard is full out in the garage. Saturday, we got 5 boxes of Tomatoes, 6 boxes of pears and 3 of peaches. I thought I was going to be doing peaches, and pears today, but they were still unripe, so I did the tomatoes.

We diced onions, peeled cloves of garlic and mixed herbs and spices for Italian Sauce. I didn't really cook it all together, just added the stuff to the jars and I'll jazz it up when I make the spaghetti sauce later.

I'm tired, and I want this last batch to be done. Will try to add a picture.

Wow, what a struggle

That was so difficult, clear the cashe, (whatever,) resign in, blah blah blah. Why does it have to be so hard!!

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