Friday, February 29, 2008

Blogging Break

My tired, old decrepit computer has rebelled. It has served me faithfully since we received it as a gift nearly 4 years ago. I love my Dell, I have kept fingers out of it, I have kept back the tinkering "mechanics" who would load this and load that, "Oh try this download Mom!"

But alas, it can't stay on anymore. I keep getting a BSOD, nearly every morning. That's a "blue screen of death" for you non-techies.

My DH purchased new memory for my Dell at Christmastime, but I think it is sick now, non-compatibility issues.

I'm expecting a new computer in about 2 weeks, but I can't risk losing all my files, photos, (nearly 8000 of them,) stored on this computer.

I need to slow down and limp it through this crisis, so I'll not be able to be here in bloggy land like I would like to be.

Who knows, maybe this is God's way of telling me I'm spending too much time here.
I'll be back, don't fret, we are well, I just have to take it easy on the old Dell Dinosaur.


Dimple Queen said...

You will be missed....but I wouldn't take any chances either!!! Too much precious, valuable information!!!

See you when you get back!

LauraLynn said...

Wow, sounds like our computer! I'll be waiting for your return to enjoy your posts,
All Scrapy Mom's know you can't risk losing those photos!

Jenny said...

I would be scared too! You'll be so excited with the new one though. Have a great break and we'll miss you!

kmom3 said...

You will for sure be missed!


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