Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Bonnie Hunter Quilt

I just finished my first Leader and Ender quilt. They are quilts that sew themselves!
This pattern is called Sisters 9-Patch, from her book Adventures with Leaders and Enders.
This one is for the back of my couch and will sport a pretty cream and green border.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Comfort Quilt for Cancer Survivor

I belong to an online email list, (which shall remain nameless so the secret remains just that.) One of the ladies/quilters there has been a wonderful contributor to the list; often sharing fun patterns and free designs, much to the delight of all who read the posts.

Recently, she has been missing, she has cancer and has undergone many difficulties in her recovery.

It was suggested that we send her quilt blocks.  This heart pattern is what we chose.

Then someone suggested that we send her a quilt, since she won't be able to sew for a while. 
I volunteered to sew the blocks together if someone else would quilt it. 

The little squishies started piling up in my mailbox. :-)
I loved looking at all the fabrics from other quilters' stashes.
The Heart Quilt project was born. We soon overwhelmed the original list and a sister site was set up to handle to overflow.
Our first quilt is finished, with another quilt on the way to another member who has experienced traumatic events recently.
Just like our quilting ancestors of the past, we are coming together for joys and sorrows, to stitch our hearts out for those in need.
Although this new fangled quilting bee may look different--we aren't sitting under a spring blossoming tree in our homespun gowns and quilting with babies and dogs romping nearby, we are contributing to the well being of our quilting sisters.

 Community matters. Hospitality matters. Comforting those whereby you have been comforted matters.  I'm not talking about Random Acts of Kindness, those help to make the world a better place, yes. But I'm talking about deliberately stepping out of your comfort zone and doing a tangible thing to help someone in need.

I am so thankful to be a part of this first Q-Hearts project, with many more to come.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

End of the Year Quilt Tally

End of the year, (ok, actually beginning of the year actually, but I did these last year...) tally.
The first finish was Robby's Winds of Sodor quilt.  It's made from strings and crumbs--wonky log cabin style.  It's the second in a series of three quilts for my boys' room. 
The back of Robby's quilt has a train panel given to me by a friend who knows I quilt.  I added extra wonky log cabin blocks around the perimeter of the panel.  We now have a sort of two-sided quilt.

I quilted it in a overall swirl pattern. It's interesting to see the improvement in my quilting.  That first wonky log cabin is, well, quilted, but not good at all.
The pattern is laid out in a "streak of lightening" pattern, The light colors zig-zag across the quilt diagonally.

You can see the stitching better here.  Robby says it looks like wind.
The next quilt I finished is from February.  My father in law died and it's made from his shirts.  It's styled after Bonnie Hunter's pattern Bargain Basement from her book Scraps and Shirttails.
I quilted it in a swirly flower shape in the block centers and feathered flowers in the border. 
My next finish is really just a "flimsy." It's not quilted yet.  This is a signature quilt from the ladies at Fort Leavenworth, PWOC.  (Protestant Women of the Chapel.) There are many friends' names here and I love remembering what they meant to me. It's nearly my oldest project, I began this in 1995.
The next finish is also a signature quilt and also just a "flimsy." It's from a Yahoo email group, "Real Women Quilt," which is now pretty much abandoned.  I made some good friends there and these women have enriched my life in many ways.
This is the center of a quilt I originally started for a neighbor.  He was a Marine and many of the prints are Marine prints and military designs.  About the time I was sewing on the binding, our families had a great falling out.  I was hurt and decided I would see the quilt on Etsy instead of feeding the fire, so to speak.  I made $450 off of it, and I feel good that my quilt went to a retiring Marine Corps Sergeant and his wife.
I love making mug rugs, they are a quick way to get a pretty gift for a friend.  These little cups and saucers are from the ends of a table runner I made for my table.  I gave one to a dear friend and I kept one for myself in my sewing room.
The quilts were not on my UFO list, but two very dear friends had babies this year, one girl and one boy.  Henri and Isabella both needed a sweet snuggly from Auntie Mary. His and hers. I love the look of vintage sheets in a quilt.  They are so cozy and soft.
This sweet snuggly is made from the baby clothes of another dear friend's baby. Little Molly has such adorable fabrics to wear and Momma wanted to preserve them in a quilt.  We ironed interfacing to the backs of each cotton knit square and pieced the rows together.  It's backed with a soft Minky fabric with butterflies. Oh, so soft!
This large square quilt was originally for a QOV project my family started while my nephew-in-law was at Walter Reed hospital.  It was larger than the criteria and so I kept it.  When friends of ours moved from WA to MO, I thought they would like a "thank you" quilt, (for his service in the military.) Interestingly enough, SGT B and his wife have become better friends with us through facebook since they moved away.
This quilt was put together last January while I worked on Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll during Bonnie Hunter's mystery project.  It's called Christmas Lights.  It is quilted with Holly leaves in an overall pattern.  I donated it to a Church auction where it brought $125 and was purchased by Miss Sue who takes care of the nursery.
This quilt was made for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  It's made from Pop's ties.  I ironed interfacing on most of the backs to keep them from stretching out of shape.  It was tough.  It was one of the more difficult quilts I made this year just because of the fabric type.  Satin is slippery and hard to keep from stretching.  I quilted it with overall swirls and hearts.  The border has tiny feathers and feathered flowers.
The quilt on my bed is for my hubby, Bear.  He complains that when you get in bed the covers aren't long enough to cover your back.  This one is specially designed with 5 borders so that the quilt is wide enough when you get in.  It's made from a block of the month pattern from the Cabin Fever Florida quilt guild.  It's called Cabin Fever in honor of the their 2010 BOM pattern.  I added block borders from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville and the penultimate border is also from Bonnie Hunter.
The last little project before the end of the year were these little mug rugs.  I didn't get pictures after the binding was put on, I gave them away too quickly.  I kept the one on the bottom right for myself.  They were designed in the style of Bonnie Hunter's tiny tree pattern with a variation or two--strip pieced on old phone book pages.
I haven't kept track of fabric used or purchased, though I haven't bought much this year.  While I worked at the LQS the year before, I bought enough fabric then to keep me quilting for a while.
It's been fun going back to see how I've completed projects.  Last year I had 25 UFO's, and I finished around a dozen. Now I have 41 UFO's.  Somethings' the matter with my math!

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