Thursday, February 21, 2008


It’s quiet. Too quiet.

In the solitude of my home, something is missing.

The little boys are sleeping. The big kids are at school. The radio is off, but still there is a sound that I’m not hearing. Where’s the tick, where’s the tock. Where are the Westminster Chimes; top of the hour, quarter past, half past, three-quarter past.

Yesterday was “Winds-day”, the day to wind the clock. I didn’t.


Emily said...

Whoa. Talk about father time. That's a lot of clocks!

Joanne said...

I think every time I go over to my grandma's house I have to wind her clock ... her home just is not the same without the faithful chimes. Of course they are only as faithful as you are :)

I can totally relate.

Jenny said...

We don't have any clocks like that, but I bet once yu get use to the sound you really would miss them. Do you collect them?


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