Monday, March 12, 2018

I'll make you look good

As a professional longarm quilter, in my opinion, it is my duty to make you look good.  I've discussed this with several longarmers.  They complain incessantly about how this client brought a quilt that has loose ends, threads, or a bit of animal fuzz. 

I look at it this way; your bit of lint, or thread isn't any worse than my studio. We have a dog.  He's not a dirty dog by any means, but he does shed.  I use my lint roller constantly to remove fuzz from any quilt that get's quilted at Mary's Custom Quilting.

 Loading your quilt on my Tin Lizzie is my job.  Getting the edges straight is my job.  Rolling the lint roller over your quilt to remove loose threads and lint is my job! And I'm darn good at it.

 Most of my customers are extremely tidy, and seams are pressed the correct way.  One quilter even presses them all open so there is no bulk at the seams.  Her quilts are a joy to finish!

But honestly, if pressing isn't really your thing, or if you have a few stray threads across your top, I'm not going to call you up and return the quilt so it comes to me perfect.  That's just unreasonable.  

Many of the quilts now days are including more interesting fabrics like Minky, flannel  or Cuddle.  These aren't your typical 100% cotton quilt fabrics.  They make for soft and snugly baby quilts.  And I'm prepared to quilt those for you too.

And let's talk about vintage quilt tops.  Those amazing, unfinished quilt tops you may find at an estate sale! They're beautiful! They deserve to be finished! Bring them to me! I love finishing those pieces of history! I'll press, repair, smooth and finish them to perfection.
No job too small, and no task to great.  Let's get those projects completed!

Mary's Custom Quilting

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