Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cute Baby Contest

Hey there's a cute baby contest here!
I am SO entering, because I am/was (who's splitting hairs) just about the cutest baby ever. A few of me.

The first one-2 years old, just look at those adorable ringlets!

What is with the kewpie doll look? BTW, this is the same picnic table about which I had a terrible nightmare later in life involving a roaring lion and his midnight snack, namely, ME!

Third grade, four-eyed beauty!

My friend Becky and I-waiting in line for our turn at 4-H modeling at the State Fair. I won two gold ribbons; for modeling, and for sewing that stylish jumper.

Sixth grade 1978, so very proud of my handiwork. I did the topstitching by myself you know.


Emily said...

You SO get some extra points for the ringlets....but alas....I was wishing for ringlets on like...say....a 12 year old! just looked cute, not ridiculous. :)

VERY stylish jumper btw.

you're totally entered...thanks for playing.

Perri said...

Congrats on the extra ringlet points. Makes me jealous!

What a seamstress you must have turned into, if you were that good as a child.

carrie said...

I just love this little photo posting contest. I LOVE the stylish jumper! Modeling sure has gone to pot since then, huh?

Marci said...

Great pictures. I love your sewing!!!

Family O'Foxes said...

Those are such cute pictures!

Constance said...

Girl, you got those feathered bangs, going on! Isn't this fun?


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