Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not Much of a Break

I think I may have figured out my computer problem. My hard drive was at 80% of full and it just kept crashing because it didn't have enough space to move around.

I purchased an external hard drive and loaded all my photos on it and then cleaned out duplicate files and defragged, and ran scan disk utilities. I felt so "techie" that I was able to do it without my Computer Whiz of a husband around. (Good training, I suppose.)

I still have to reload a virus software, but I'm safe now, no threat of lost photos or files. I have multiple backups, both on CD and on my EHD.

For anyone who cares, I use a wonderful program called Memory Manager from Creative Memories, I am a consultant and I've used this wonderful program for about 2 years now. With it, you can edit photos, crop, recolor, name them, write stories about them and then transfer them into another program called Storybook Creator and make beautiful hardbound scrapbooks. It is so much fun to play with.

OK, enough of the shameless plug, just wanted to let you know I'm back, can't live without my computer, so that was the first thing on my list to fix yesterday.

I had a wonderful post about putting together the compost tumbler with the kids. Chels and Miss Busy both took turns at the camera, and got some really cute pictures. I'll get that all together and post later today or tomorrow.

Bye for now, gotta go read my 3 chapters in Joshua. Out of Deuteronomy, that was tough reading!


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Glad you got your problem solved. I need to move all my pics to a CD. That would free up my space as well!

kmom3 said...

So glad you won't be gone for a while and that your computer is feeling much happier now!
You go, you tech savvy girl, you!

Jenny said...

I love Joshua! I taught it at church, and I learned so much.

Be strong and very, very courageous!

Have a great read today!


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