Monday, March 24, 2008

Blogging Meeting

Today, for the first time I met a friend whom I have enjoyed getting to know. That seems so reversed, I should have met her first and then gotten to know her. In this age of computers and blogs and long-distant relationships, it is often vice versa.

I found this woman’s blog through a Chaplain blogroll. As we are embarking on a new direction and path in our lives, I sought out the direction and assistance of wives who have been down this road. I sought out a Titus woman who would be able to “fill me in” so to speak about what I could expect as we travel along this journey God has put before us.

I discovered to my delight that one particular Chaplain’s wife lived near me and that perhaps we could meet in real life and talk face to face. We’ve been trying to connect for months it seems, but with 10 children between us and often going separate directions, it has been difficult to say the least, with cancellations and postponements along the way. But today, we did it. Plans were pushed aside, laundry went undone, (on my part, anyway) and we conversed, we met, we fellowshipped; we ate!

I arrived at the restaurant first. I told the Hostess that I was meeting someone for lunch; someone I didn’t know. She seated me by the door so that I could “see her when she came in.” Just what part of “I don’t know her” didn’t you understand?

Anyway, I studied the menu and tried to find a dish that would satisfy both Fat Girl and Skinny Girl; the dieting, often-battling sisters inside me. Into the restaurant walked a nice looking brunette, who I thought might be the lady I was to meet, but the light was behind her and my vision is terrible in poorly lighted places. I squinted and thought; wasn’t her hair a bit fuller in her picture? Is that her? I can’t tell, Oh, I wish I were more outgoing and bold, I’d go on up and ask.

She sat for a minute or two probably thinking the same thing, (well, in the last picture she saw of me on my blog, I had my hair in ponytail with a baseball cap and covered in mud, so I guessed that she wasn’t sure either, ha!) She picked up her cell phone and started to dial, and then mine buzzed in my pocket! Too funny, there we were nearly staring right at each other, with our phones to our ears. “Is that you?” “Yes, this is me!” Silly girls.

We had such a nice lunch and got to know each other a bit better. It felt a bit strange to go about this “meeting and getting to know you” sort of backwards but with God’s people, it’s all good!

We had lots to discuss, my upcoming trip to the Chaplain School in South Carolina, she had already been through the spouse’s seminar, so I needed the scoop, so to speak.

I’m new on this journey as a Chaplain’s wife, and while she hasn’t been on her “journey” long either, she at least has the experience of being a pastor’s wife, where I do not.

There were people that we both knew through blogs or prior military service; it is a small world to be sure. It was so good to finally meet a friend whom I have grown to love and respect.

Thanks Laura for taking the time and reaching out to a friend.


Laura said...

Aw, thank you, Mary! I had a great time getting to know you more. You're so sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a fun meeting! I am sure it was so helpful for you to get the scoop on these new aspects of your life!

<---That Girl said...

aww, how wonderful is that for God to put someone in your path that you can glean from and support.
I also have a great friend I've never met! We met in an AOL Christian women's chatroom about ten years ago.
We created our own little loop of 5 women and have kept in close contact ever since. I've only met two of my 5 loopy sisters, but I feel they're as close a friend as any.
One of them just moved here from Japan (her DH is in the AF).She's been here since Nov and we still haven't carved out the time to meet for probably the same reasons you had *L* I guess we don't feel as if we're missing anything. It will be fun & surreal to see her for the first time after all these years.
So glad you met a new confidant!

Deb said...

What a wonderful treat! And a wonderful opportunity to meet a woman on a path very similar to yours. I was almost a chaplain's wife. But that's a whole n'other story.

Emily said...

What a cool meeting! I love hearing about bloggy get togethers.

Amy Wyatt said...

Hey, Glad you got to meet each other in real life. I am actually about to meet Kimberly at A Planting of the Lord in person too. Isn't that funny how we can meet in the blogging world and feel like we know each other already. What part of SC are you visiting? We moved from there about 2 years ago.

Meredith said...

I'm jealous you got to have lunch with Laura! Okay, I'm jealous you got lunch out with adult conversation, period! :-) I'm so looking forward to the spouses seminar - to meet you and to get a break from the kids! Soon...

Carol said...

How fun! Amy and I are meeting up with K from A Planting of the Lord soon. We can't wait! I hope to meet some other bloggers at She Speaks as well! Blessings to you today!

Cheri said...

God's awesome isn't he!! He really can do anything He wants!..and people actually believe in coincidence?

Laura said...

Bet you are getting so excited!!! Praying for you,

Jenny said...

That is neat! When I go to the She Speaks conference that will be me!

I feel like I know them but I don't!

Have a great day!

kmom3 said...

How exciting! I am amazed by the connections we are able to make through the computer! What a blessing!
I am still catching up from taking a few days off from the computer. Just reading over your posts I missed. I am so glad your dream about your sod didn't come true! :)
Blessings, sweet MaryLu!
:) K

Laurie Adams said...

I think it is great how you got to meet another blogging friend and someone with who you obviously have a great connection with. I love Laura's page and visit it often and am very excited about her military prayer group she is forming. I am not a military wife but am a military Mom and I have prayed that God would cross my path with other militay moms. So check out Laura's prayer group so we can all pray for one another and our loved ones serving our Country! God bless.


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