Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sod, sod, sod.

Fordman and AZ-Wheeln picked up the sod at the turf farm. They called me and told me that the trailer had to go back to the guy who was borrowing it, so we had to unload the trailer onto the driveway. Nine thousand pounds of dirt and grass! Oh my aching back. By the end of unloading, my hands hurt and I had no strength in my wrists. Now we’ll have to slug it all through the muck and mire into the backyard tomorrow. Oh boy, what fun.

I “borrowed” two teenagers from our former church to help and watch the kids inside while I help lay sod outside. There is so much to do out there; I hope it goes together smoothly. I have to set some stepping-stones too, I hope I can get them laid straight. I don’t have my sweet hubby to help me get things “just right.” Why am I doing this without him? I hate doing these kinds of things without him.

Dear Lord, give me strength today, help me to supervise in a way that communication is evident and clear. Help keep everyone safe from harm today while we are working with sod knives, heavy rolls of grass and heavy stepping-stones. Keep the kids safely inside and watch over Chrys and Brandon as they are helping me today.

Please bless my dear friends, Fordman and AZ-Wheeln as they offer their assistance to get this job done.

I thank you Lord for the finances to purchase the sod and the soil, the creativity needed to complete this landscaping process. I know that I could not have done it without your help. Help me/us to make this backyard a safe place for my children to play when Grammy gets here in a few weeks.

It is in your humble name I pray, Amen.


Laura said...

My husband told me this morning (just out of the blue) that I ought to start a garden when we move to our new house. Funny how it was on my mind yesterday, huh?! Guess we'll be doing that!
Hope you are having a nice weekend and you're holding up to all the hard work.

We Are A Happy Family said...

Mary, I hope that your yard is lovely. How did it go? Were you able to complete it?


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