Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Break from Blogging-Ramblings

Goodness gracious, I feel like I haven’t had time to even sit down lately. This week has been crazy; Monday Chels stayed home from school, her arm was really hurting. Tuesday Chels, AZ-Wheeln and I went to Home Depot and purchased boards for my garden boxes, and then bought sod. We have 2180 square feet of yard, that’s 4 ½ pallets of sod weighing 9000 pounds! That’s a lot of grass! Later in the day I dropped Chels at school, she didn’t want to miss library day, and picked up Miss Busy for her eye appointment. She has 20/20 vision but the Doctor said that children her age should have a bit of farsightedness to compensate for stretching as the retina grows. So he thinks that she may become nearsighted in the future based on family history, me, Dad and Gadget Boy all have glasses. So he prescribed reading glasses, we picked out and purchased them, she’ll look so cute!

Today, Wednesday, was Chels’ field trip to the Art Museum. What fun! We rode the bus together; I got great pictures of the kids doing an art project and fun pics of both classes with their teachers sitting on the stone bleachers out front. Chels’ teacher Miss M asked me if I would send her copies of the pictures I took. I took the liberty of editing them and got some great candid shots of her talking to her kids, she’s a great teacher. I’m also sending in a copy of my Digital Storybook Catalog for Creative Memories. Can’t hurt to give myself a little plug now can it?

Thursday, I have to run back to Home Depot and get some stakes for securing the boxes to the ground and maybe some top soil and peat moss for inside the garden boxes and a landscaper’s rake to smooth out the top soil before we lay sod.

We have decided to do the sod ourselves; AZ-Wheeln and Fordman are going to help me lay it down. It’s been years since I’ve done that, I hope it all goes well and my yard doesn’t die. I’ve been reading every website I can find on how to do it right. It’s been sprinkling off and on all week so the ground is pretty well watered, and I know to water it soon after finishing it.

Friday I have to pick up some boys from our former church so they can kind of corral the kids while we work outside. They’ll be good gophers for me.

Anyway, this was ramble-y and incongruent, but I needed to post something and let you know we are doing well.

Chels is a bit sore off and on throughout the day, but hates to miss school so she’s going back to whole days tomorrow, (unless of course she has to call me to come get her, we’ll see.)

Thanks for the prayers for her quick recovery; she’s a tough cookie.


kmom3 said...

I am so glad she is well on the mend! And I am so excited for you about your yard. As the girls played outside last night, my hubby and I just looked at our own yard in a dull glaze of "where do we even start?" :) But, I know the Lord can help us....even with our yard! :)
Blessings, sweet Mary Lu!!!

Emily said...

Hey, take a picture of your garden boxes for us folks renting and w/ NO garden spaces this spring/summer.

and happy that your little babe is better.

Amy Wyatt said...

Hey... your week sounds like mine. It's been crazy.
Glad Chels is feeling a little better. My hubby is off to Home Depot at this very moment to begin the purchases for the yard work. Wish us luck. We want to see pics when you guys are done. Hope your weekend is more restful and relaxed.

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh, can you come do my yard too? Please? You might want to bring a pooper scooper 1st though. :)
Have a great weekend!! Stay off anything that bounces!


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