Monday, April 21, 2008

Vacation-Getting There

I left early, too early; excited and jittery. Nervous about seeing my husband again for the first time in three months. Nervous about missing my flight, (I had three hours to spare, I was fine) nervous about getting through security, (had nothing to hide, had my 3 oz bottles in a one-quart bag, I was fine.)

Once I was settled on the plane, my iPod plugged in, I dreamed, I didn’t sleep, only dreamed about our meeting, the room, the candles lit, the romantically cute nightie I brought along.

The layover in Chicago nearly killed me, it was only supposed to be an hour and a half, it stretched into four. I tried to remain calm, I called my friend in Illinois and chatted for a bit, somewhat preoccupied by the intercom announcing flights and delays. Finally it was time to load the plane. This was the short leg. I’d soon see him!

One short flight later, I was in SC. I walked towards the baggage claim, searching the faces of those standing and waiting. Where was he? Is that him? It is! Wow, I don’t remember his hair being that short! Is that all I could think about? Oh brother! Ah, his arms! Those are the same!

Chaplain R was there to give us a lift; I was introduced, politely shook hands, and warmly greeted him, when all I wanted to do was smother my sweetheart with kisses! Calm down.

Once my luggage came, we walked, and walked to CH R’s jeep. (You don’t suppose, Chaplain, that you could stick my luggage up front and Bear and I could ride in the back together?) I didn’t think so.

“How long of a drive is it to the post?” “15 minutes? Ok, that’s not too long.”

Wrong turn, wrong exit, meandering scenic trip through Columbia and surrounding area. (You are killing me, CH R!) Love the college buildings and Frat Row, now let’s get back to Post shall we? Finally! Ok, lovely buildings, which one is the hotel where we’re staying? No, we don’t need any help carrying up my luggage. Got it thanks, see you tomorrow.

And in the words of Forest Gump, “That’s all I’m gonna say about that.”


Meredith said...

:-) I love your description of what happened. I look forward to future installments.

Totallyscrappy said...

LOL! What a happy reunion.

Laura said...

Ha! I'm sure it was all you had hoped it would be!

Laura said...

Ha! I'm sure it was all you had hoped it would be!

Carol said...

LOVE IT!! This was too funny. I could feel your anticipation.

Emily said...

that made me laugh out loud. Yep, Forrest. I'm sure you made your husbands night. :)

and what torture to not be able to glom onto him 'cause the chaplain was your chaperone. :)

kmom3 said...

tee hee

Joanne said...

I didn't recognize my husband at first the last time I saw him ... it had only been 4 months. Now I will see him again next month, Lord willing, and it will be almost a year. I told him this time he needs to let me know what he'll be wearing so I don't have to feel silly staring so hard at someone who might be a stranger.

:) I'm so glad you are together again. Sorry to hear you had such a terrible cold!


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