Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miss Busy's Eye Update

All week long Miss Busy’s eye has been oozing dark red coagulated blood, she has had to keep a warm cloth over it and lightly massage it to let the blood out. It has actually helped the bruising to go away faster to get the blood out from underneath her eye.

In the process of all the manipulating and warm compresses, the tiny tear in her skin became larger and formed a wide scab. Yesterday it broke completely open and started bleeding again. When all the blood was gone I noticed it was quite deep and wondered about getting stitches to close the wound. I called a couple of people for a second opinion, and had her and Bear go talk to the neighbor nurse, no one was available for comment however, so we went to the ER, again!

They don’t like to close injuries that are more than 24 hours old for fear of infection, but because of the placement of the wound, and the fact that they couldn’t close it with steri-strips, they decided to stitch it. I was glad; I didn’t want a yucky scar on her pretty little face. Poor thing, she keeps banging up her face, she’s had three sets of stitches—all on her face, and one wound “glued” back together near her eye.

The doc did a fabulous job and put in three tiny stitches with a small, clear suture filament. She was a brave girl and only cried a little when they numbed it.

Most of the black and blue is gone now, but she still has a red blotch in the white of her eye, which will go away soon.

Thanks for keeping her in your prayers; I know that she wouldn’t have healed so quickly without it. Prayer changes things; I see the miracles every day.


kmom3 said...

Oh, my. I am so glad she is healing, but you do just hate to hear about coagulated blood oozing from her cute little face!
Praying for total healing and no more facial boo-boos!

ABW said...

Ouch! I am glad she is feeling better!


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