Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rags to Riches

Ok, Well maybe not riches, but at least I can walk on it.

I've decided to make another rag rug, this time I will share in pictures.This red white and blue one is in the boys room, they love the bright colors, and on an aside, it washes up beautifully having been splattered and smeared with all manner of bodily liquids in the past.

For the girls room, my sister, Sylvie gave me a large amount of yardage suitable for draperies, chair covers, cushions, bedspreads, etc. I decided to cover a chair cushion and a pillow for their reading nook and now I'm making a rag rug with about 3 yards of it too.

I've cleaned out a closet of some old tablecloths, (really just some $1/yard fabric from Wal-mart that I hemmed on each end to cover church tables a really long time ago.)

I've torn them into strips and I'm crocheting them with a large rug hook. The colors are pink, blue, mint green, light yellow with a dark blue accent. It will match beautifully with the pretty decorator fabric from Syl.

Here's a few photos to get you started.

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Birdie said...

I'd love to make one of these! Thanks for the tips. How long does it take you?

MaryLu said...

I started it yesterday and I'm already at about 20 inches wide. The dark blue fabric was nylon tricot, and you really shouldn't mix your fabric types. It was much thinner than the other fabrics and didn't do as well.
I'm debating about tearing it out and removing the dark blue. But that would add about an hours worth of work, not sure if I want to do that or not.
I'll post another picture today.

Emily said...

please, please, please do a step by step for us non-rag-rugging bloggers. That would be so nice.


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