Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PBS Report about Chaplain Boot Camp

I just watched this report on PBS. (Actually I watched it on the web, from PBS)

It is an inspiring look at what the Army training involves, how our Chaplains are trained and prepared to go forth into the Army ranks and minister to Soldiers and their families. Click over to PBS and take a look, it's only about 8 minutes long.

I had the opportunity to get to know two of these Chaplains while I was there. One of them is cousin to a Chaplain that Bear was an assistant for, about 12 years ago.

I heard many times during the Spouse's seminar that this is a small Army, you will work with some of these people again in ministry. It is true. When Bear was a Chaplain's assistant we crossed paths with many of the instructors that he studied with at CH-BOLC.

I just have to say again, that being in the Chaplain Corps is the best job in the army. I can't think of a better place to be.

Not to make this post go really long, but I would just like to add that Bear has been in many jobs that just "didn't fit" and he felt dissatisfied and uncomfortable. They were good jobs, but I don't think they were God's will for our life at the time. God has redirected our paths many times to get us where we are today. We often did not see where He was leading in the midst of it all, but in hindsight we can see clearly that He had His hand in our lives, guiding us where He would have us to go.

Psalm 78:72 "With upright heart he shepherded them
and guided them with his skillful hand."


Reformed Grits said...

Oh how I wish my computer actually had sound... Can you believe I don't even have a sound device on my laptop?

Lauren said...

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*Clicked on your link, my hubby had just sent that to me via email! He'll graduate with his MDiv May 2010 and is planning to go to CH-BLOC Summer 2009!

Laura said...

Good video! Gonna be over here any time soon? Let's get together when you have some time...or I have some time! haha

Amy J said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! As I was checking out yours, I had to hubby is a Chaplain's Assistant (lo-o-ong God story behind that!) in the Air Force!!


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