Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wrong Way

Yesterday I had some laminating to get done. I’m making BINGO cards for my kids’ activities over the summer, to help my pre-K learn some stuff before he starts school.

I heard from a neighbor that there was a place in town that did laminating. (We live in a small town, population about 3500, not a whole lot of choices available for specialty stores in the area.) I was looking forward to saving on gas and time; I didn’t want a trip to Kinko’s, a drive of about 45 minutes.

In our town, there is a strong New Age influence, and I should have been more aware before my trip out. I got to the mini-mall where the mailbox-laminating store was and I guess my desire to get my BINGO cards done was overwhelming my discernment, because I could see that this was not the kind of place I wanted my money to go, yet I went in and had it done anyway.

When I walked in, I felt all creepy inside, and strange. I could feel the Holy Spirit trying to tell me to leave but I ignored the sensation. Not anymore.

As a Christian, I believe that I can witness, (so to speak) with my money, spending it wisely where God would have me to spend it. Supporting those who are believers is a good way to do this, and not supporting those who are against Him is a good way to show others how I believe.

This friend that told me about the store is not a Christian and I blew a good witnessing opportunity when I did not tell her right away why I would rather drive the 45 minutes to another store instead of “buying local” because the local place was a New Age establishment. (And I did have an idea beforehand that it was, based on the location in town.)

I need to be more bold in my walk with Jesus. I guess knowing this and actually doing it are two different things sometimes.

I feel like my BINGO cards are dirty now and need to be prayed over.


Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh boy...I have an old friend who is into all of that new age balogna. I don't know what to say to her. I'm afraid if I'm too vocal about how I feel with her she'll shut me out and I'll lose my opportunity to witness to her.

I wouldn't want my $ going to a store like that either. It's almost cult-like if you ask me. Amazing how people can get so wrapped up in it when it has no substance.

Lelia Chealey said...

WOW!! This is so good. I wonder how many opportunities we miss out on out of convenience. Greap post my friend and reminder to be obedient when the Holy Spirit voices His opinion!
Love ya!

Lelia Chealey said...

Hee hee...
not greaP post....greaT post! Knew you'd figure it out, but since I was the
4th grade spelling bee champ, I knew I would lose sleep over this. ;)
lol...have a great day!

Anonymous said...

if you say so

Joanne said...

Hello Mary - It's hard to avoid some times, but if we know a place is obviously not pleasing to the Lord we should do our best to stay away! (and tell others!) I agree, we need to be good stewards of our money ... not just HOW we spend it, but WHERE as well :) Nice post!

I am not as bold as I know I should be (in person anyway!) ... however we see Jesus, Paul, and several others being VERY bold in the Bible. The Lord has been showing me that a lot recently. For instance, a quick read through Matthew 23 will show exactly how Jesus felt about the scribes and pharisees! (hypocrites, fools, blind, blind guides, serpents, generation of vipers, etc.) No sugar coating there! Well, that's just one example.

OK, I'm tired and rambling. I have been without internet for a while and Bobby was here visiting so I have a few things to catch up on. Have a wonderful evening!

With love in Christ,

Emily said...

I've done that several times. Felt a n evil presence and left. This was a great post. You put that feeling in to words very clearly.

DO MY MEME!!!! The ABC one.

Birdie said...

awww, well there's alwyas next time. SO, you free tomorrow for some gardening??? :P

Elizabeth said...

boldness is tough with our friends, isn't it! thanks for posting about's a good reminder for me.

come on over to my place and participate in Feel Good Friday and share about all the Great things God does in our lives...or just give yourself a pat on the back for something this week. :-)

Cheri said...

Your bingo cards are good! Don't worry about it too live, you learn, right? :)


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