Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day of School Already?

This really snuck up on me, and I feel totally unprepared. I'm usually so full of great intentions for doing special things for the teachers and then they fall through until the last minute when I pull something out of my hat and astound everyone with my creativity. How much better could I do if I actually planned ahead, I wonder!?

So, three teachers need some keepsake that will actually prove to them how awesome I think they have been in my kids' lives.

How do I do that in the space of a weekend. Which already happens to be filled to everflowing.

I don't want these poor teachers to think that they have not made a profound difference in my kids, because they truly have. Chels' teacher has brought her out of her shell by commplimenting, and encouraging her to be a great reader and creative writer. Miss Busy's teacher has shown her that it's ok to get your hands dirty while catching bugs and daily excercise is good for your body as well as your brain. Ace's teacher has helped him to love books and want to get inside them and read. He knows much more than the girls did when they graduated from Kindergarten.

I truly am impressed with the learning they have absorbed this year and I want some way to show my appreciation.

I do pictures, maybe I could do a quick throw together scrapbook, I'd really have to work fast. That would be a meaningful keepsake, not just an apple paperweight, (I'm sure they have drawers-full!)

Ok, I'm off to start scrapping, much more fun than slicing onions for my food dryer anyway. I may still shed a tear, but it would much more meaningful.


Elizabeth said...

schools out! :-) I remember LOVING that day...even though I LOVED school...most of the time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope you come back again! :-)

Kiki said...

Wow, aren't you ambitious! I would love to scrapbook, but I am totally intimidated by the whole thing. When I think about starting I get very overwhelmed thinking, "where do I even start??"


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