Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I heart my American Harvest Snackmaster

Every year about this time, I pull my Snackmaster food dehydrator out of the garage and give it a good scrub.

Suzy Snacky is one of my servant-girls. She will sit on my counter faithfully humming away to preserve the foods we find all summer long.

Last Thursday while I was volunteering at our local food bank they had a pallet-full of organic bananas. I brought home a whole box.

Now, the organic part is better, I’m sure, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me one way or the other, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want pesticides on my foods any more than the next mom, but when I was growing up and we raised much of our own foods, vegetables, fruits, chickens, hogs and beef, it was pretty much all organic anyway and we didn’t pay more for it, I guess that is the part that is my gripe.

But, alas, I digress.

So I brought home my box full of bananas and immediately filled Suzy with all the trays I could find.

My kids love dried bananas, they call it banana candy. One batch, 9 trays, fills a gallon size storage bag. It will last about a week and a half. I wish they would stretch it out longer, but they love the stuff, and who is going to quibble about them eating fruit instead of Smarties and bubble gum?

Not this Mom.


Emily said...

Did you at LEAST add some sugar? pretty please?

MaryLu said...

Oh no, Emily! No sugar needed for these sweet things! I do add sugar to other stuff I do, but not bananas.
I gotta go have me another handful, hmm, wonder why they don't last very long...and why fat girl is ruling the roost lately!

Katrina said...

mmmm... I love banana chips. Home dried are the best! I have a food dehydrator somewhere... I need to pull it out and start using it! =)

Gayle said...

Yep, homemade bananda chips ARE like candy. I don't like the store bought ones cuz they feel like they are going to break my teeth.

Birdie said...

ooooh I love these (except they hurt the roof of my mouth) It's so hard to stay out of them while they're drying isn't it??? Mmmmm


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