Monday, December 17, 2007

Weird Real Life Video and One Rant

It has been weird-real-life video for me to stand here and rinse and wash someone's entire life. I have seen one couple marry and raise children, take trips on ferries, attend graduations, and have parties. I’ve watched them open Christmas presents, and babysit grandkids, I’ve seen new puppies, sons playing baseball, and kids riding carousel ponies. It is so heart breaking to me to see these photos in this condition. Oh, I know that no one plans to have a 20-foot wall of water entire your living space. (And it was a beautiful home; I've seen the pictures to prove it.) But it sure makes me more passionate about the Creative Memories Mission
On my morning walk back from the school bus, I stopped with a friend at the home of a neighbor to let her know that her garage door had been left open. She mentioned that if someone had broken into her garage they could have all the junk in the garage except for her girls' Baby Books. I nearly yelled at her to get them in the house and put them in a safe place. I'm sure she was a bit shocked at my outburst. I can't help it. When I see the damage that has been done just because things weren't stored properly and backed up and negatives stored in a safe place, it just makes me want to cry.
I'll try and control my outbursts.
And speaking of outbursts, why is it that some people say things like, "oh I can help, what do you need. I can help you with that, just call me." and then when actually asked to help, I get, "oh, I'm busy until after Christmas, do you think the photos will wait that long?" Never mind that they happen to be from WWII and are currently soaked in a mud covered casket. No, they can't wait until after Christmas!! You know, it happens to be Christmas at my house too, but sometimes the needs of others take precedence. Ugh! Ok, enough ranting. I'm back to washing photos. My cold, wrinkled fingers have plumped up again.

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