Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Different Kind of Tour

Christmas Tour of Homes
Ok, I’m sure that you all are tired of looking at perfect houses and wondering why you can’t have gorgeous things like all of these other toured homes.
I was thinking you could take a look at mine and then you’ll know that it can be Christmas even in the midst of chaos.

First of all, I’m the one that does the decorating, so I have no excuses. I do have some beautiful eclectic things, but I’m cheap, move a lot and hate it when things get broken. So what I have is mostly kid-friendly pieces. Last year, I cleaned out some stuff and decided that others could enjoy them before they were ruined at my house.

Here are a few of my favorite decorations.

First of all, my children’s nativity scene, my dear sister, Nin, made this and gave it to me years ago. It has been through all of my children and still looks pretty good. It’s in the bathroom, because I can’t put any priceless items in there, the kids would play at the sink and break it. I looked in this morning, and someone thought that the sheep needed a better look at the Infant King.

On the other side of the bathroom is the Angel who proclaimed the good news to the shepherds, she is a country girl, like me. She used to have a lovely red bow on her pinafore, but someone was sitting there doing their business and pulled a little frayed edge of the ribbon and zip, she now has a fringed scarf. Maybe more appropriate in this weather than a satin ribbon anyway. She used to hang from a gold ribbon, but that came undone and now we twist a strand of her hair around the hook to keep her on.

The three-foot tree sits on top of the piano, out of reach, (or so I thought.) Notice that the lower half of the tree has lost it’s lighting, due, I’m certain to some curious child who tugged and loosened a bulb. Its only going to shine half of it’s light now for the rest of the season, I’m not undecorating it to figure out which one is the offending light.

On my buffet, with my other nativity collection sits a new tea light holder from Partylite. I love its simplicity with the dark colors and lack of detail in the Holy Trio. My husband asked me the other day why they were sitting around a cauldron. I told him “Stables are cold, Smarty.”

My very favorite decorations this year are on my desktop. I made my screensaver into a Christmas Slideshow of Christmases Past. My kids love to sit and look, watching for their pictures to come up. They know if they touch, the slideshow goes away. Hmm, why didn’t I think of this before!?

Before you leave, come into the kitchen and help yourself to the bag of marshmallows in the pantry. I didn’t get the baking done that I had intended, so chip off a chunk of the almond bark and grab a hot chocolate packet from the shelf.

Oh, you’ll have to take it with you and mix it at home. Sorry, someone just dumped out the shredder. Hey look, it’s snowing!! I don’t think I’ll vacuum until after the Holidays.
Merry Christmas!!


Gretchen said...

Luuuurve your tour! Truly! I am all about striving for fun and excellence, instead of perfectionism, and your post hits the mark. The tree on the piano is a lovely idea, and I'll try to leave you with a few marshmallows, but my son steals ours, so I'm hungry for some. Merry Christmas.

Joyful Days said...

I feel so right at home & comfy. I am really glad that I stopped by. Wishing your family a very merry Christmas.

Cheryl said...

Oh how I enjoyed my visit with you. I felt right at home. I am from the country and loved your treasures! Really! Good job! The little wooden set is so unusual. Thanks for sharing. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ginna said...

thanks for the tour, it made me smile. It's nice to have a peek into other people's lives and I so identify with yours!! Merry christmas!

Carolyn said...

From Mom . . .
The best thing about Christmas is remembering the reason for celebrating and sharing love with everyone around you. Wish we could drop in for a quicky visit, but we'll have our quiet time at home and think of all of you. Love always.

Kathy b said...

I loved your invitation for food to go. Your home looks like all of ours, the photos we don't show. I enjoyed your humor, lots.

Totallyscrappy said...

I love the cauldron nativity scene. ;) Thanks for the marshmallows!

Anonymous said...

what a neat nativity set. I've never seen one like that before! thanks for the tour!

Katie R. said...

Now that's a Christmas Tour I'd go see. That was wonderful. So funny, yet real. Found you through Carla.


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