Friday, December 14, 2007

Day3-Muddy Pics

Today's batch was fairly easy to clean up. I had them in the fridge over night so mold would not grow. The first two garbage bags went much faster, but then they were mostly pictures in frames, with their own set of problems. These pictures were stacked closely together, so there were lots of pictures in a smaller space. A few things I learned that I thought would be of interest to you and good info to pass on to our customers. Please take your photos out of the developer's bags/envelopes. They almost always have dye in the paper used to make the envelope. When they get wet, the dye will run and stain the top picture. Fortunately, for Mrs. "C", most of these were double prints, so the duplicate was somewhere in the stack. In the stack I did today, I only found one CD, and while it did work and the pictures loaded ok on my computer, there was only one CD. I was hoping I would find more CDs when I started today, making my task go a bit more quickly.
There are still about 4 packs of pictures here in the fridge and then another garbage bag and a box out in the garage keeping cool. Speaking of cool, I had to keep stopping today and let my hands warm up, the cool water I had to use for the pictures was too cool for my hands to stay in it for very long.
I got about 35 or so scanned, a friend from CMC-Sharelist, told me something I thought I would pass along. She reminded me that with Memory Manager 2 you can scan multiple photos and the "cut" them apart with the crop tool, that way you are only lifting the scanner lid for every third photo. I had done this before with one large photo and cropped people into their own portrait, but hadn't thought of scanning more than one picture at a time. Great time saver, thank you!
As far as editing, the only thing I am doing is straightening with the custom rotation tool and doing a fine adjustment on the cropping so that no white is showing. Every so often I may do a quick color fix, but nothing major. I'll show Mrs. "C" some examples of what MM2 can do and then leave it at that.
I do have a question about naming the photos. I have absolutely no ideas about how to number or name these. Any ideas?
Thanks for your contiued support of my "project." You guys are great to keep indulging me in my ramblings.

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