Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tax return and debt relief

According to the IRS, our income tax return will be deposited tomorrow. I am so thankful! With it, we are retiring some debt, paying off a personal loan and catching up on a few things that have been pushed to the back burner during Bear's most recent stretch of unemployment.

First and foremost, we are paying off my truck. We currently owe more than it is worth, but we have determined that we will not be buying another vehicle for quite a long time, so we are making this one our primary concern.

My suburban was repossessed last summer and we were literally crippled without it. When there are 7 in your immediate family, you can't really go anywhere in a two passenger pickup. Paying off the truck is first so that it will never get taken away from us again.

While I do not fault the bank or the repo company, as they were just doing their job, it is certainly frustrating, and a bit scary to walk outside and wonder where is your vehicle.

Second on our list, is to pay back a personal loan from a friend that Bear worked with a few years ago. His generous offer helped us to stay in our house and not have that taken away from us. It has been a year of God's perfect timing. I have described this past year as if I were standing on the edge of a great chasm, with darkness all around and not knowing where to take the next step. God's grace held us perfectly still at times and directed our steps when it was time to move. This year, while one of the most difficult we have ever been through, has also strengthened my faith in a way that never would have happened if the road had been easy.

Thirdly, I'm going to do a little truck maintenance, tires, and alignment, and possibly a tuneup. I have to take care of the Big Blue Beast.

After all the "must do's" on my list, I'm thinking of getting this. Then I'm saving up for one of these for Bear when he returns.

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