Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finishing a UFO

I've updated my sidebar with all my UFO's. I'm determined to get a big chunk of these completed this year. I can really fritter away my time and after recently quitting my part time job, I've got to get organized if I'm going to really accomplish things. So, although they aren't in any particular order right now, (I may rearrange them by priority,) I'm chipping away at that list.

First of all, let me introduce the Zeller Pinwheel. I've had this quilt too long. It's been on this frame for years. I told a friend of mine I would quilt it for her, it was pieced by a relative of hers and basted already. Then we moved, several times, she moved twice, and we've recently been back in touch. Now I'm determined to finish it this year.

I've moved my quilting frame downstairs where I will see it daily and can spend time sitting and quilting on it. That is the only way I'll get it done. Just do it!

I've counted the rows and columns, it is 9x11, that's 99 of these little pinwheels. So if I shoot for, at the very least, one pinwheel block a day, I'll have it done in a little over three months. I have a big section completed, but I'm not counting those, I'm just using them as a cushion.

So there it is. Officially on a schedule. I will have this done by the end of May. Then I'll finish the binding, and get it out in the mail to my friend.
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

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Quilting: My Way said...

I have a list like that. Maybe I should post mine, too. Then we can compare notes.


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