Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beary Wonky Cabins by the Lake

I've had this top unquilted for a while now. It's a crumb chaos block which you can find tutorials for here and here.
Beware, if you try these, they are addicting. You just whip along mindlessly sewing, and streaming out the backside of your machine come these lovely wonky things. I love wonky these days, ever since I did my wonky houses for Jennifer.

So, yesterday, I really wanted to stipple. Just to meander around the quilt and not really think about what I was doing. So, I sandwiched this top with batting and backing, and went to town, or rather went to the Lake.

(I really did label the quilt with my name, but I don't post that sort of stuff on the web.)
My boys have bunk beds, so this will be for one bunk and the other bunk may get its covering soon, I'm such a fan of wonky blocks, I have to do more.

I still have to bind it, but couldn't wait to show you. So, what have you finished lately?

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