Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random day...

Does grocery shopping just make you exhausted? By the time I get to the checkout, I'd like to tip the bagger extra to have her come home with me and unpack it all.

Then off to Costco to see what good deals I could find there. I found one! This fabulous little camp stove and propane burner unit. It has a griddle or flip it over to have a grill, for pancakes or steak! And on the other side, a burner so that I can do all my pressure cooking outside and not ruin my ceramic stove top.

I can't wait til it warms up so I can use it outside, for outdoor cooking.

I thrifted some lovely vintage sheets the other day. We have a great thrift store in our little town. They sell pillowcases for 35 cents each. Each pillowcase yields two fat quarters and lots of strips for my fabric stash bins.

Not much work on my UFO's lately. I just did a rush job for a customer, two purple dance costumes for an I'd love to go see them, I love Irish dance.

Now I'm relaxing to my piano. I just run the remote, my Weber does all the work. Every time I sit down to play I have an accompanist who sits and plunks along beside me. I can't tell if the sour notes are from him or me. Both, probably.

Off to bed, and maybe catch up on my through the Bible in a year. Sort of fell off the bandwagon on that one.

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