Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The war continues...

Here's the score:

1. The battle is between Fat girl and Skinny girl. Fat girl is whiny, she doesn't want to get out of bed. Right now she has more influence over the physical body than Skinny girl. It's hard to overcome her influence when the bed is warm and the room is dark.

2. Gin Miller could kill me. She is a hard taskmaster to Fat girl. She's not as tough as Jillian and she's definitely more compassionate. But to keep up with her, Fat girl will have to move out. "Kill her, Ms. Miller!" Then skinny girl and I can keep up.

3. Hip Hop Reebok is not fun when you can hardly keep your balance enough to stay on the step. Good thing I'm not doing this at a gym where I might actually be seen! (gasp) The loud guffaws would certainly stifle my resolve.

4. The shopping list is all wrong. Starbucks apple fritters are not part of this workout, but Fat girl keeps forgetting that. Skinny girl needs to exercises her resolve and assertion and not let Fat girl bully her. (But you know, Fat girl is big, and bossy, and cranky when she doesn't get her apple fritters.)

5. The real reason this battle is hard right now. I haven't invited the Fitness Master to be in on it with me. He is the one who keeps my spiritual life in shape. He is the one to whom I should look to get rid of Fat girl. He can do it. He can help me tackle her to the ground and make her pack her bags.

Philippians 4:13, for Pete's sake! "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

"Jesus, can we do something about Fat girl? Skinny girl can't breathe!"


Quilting: My Way said...

Find the thing you love exercise wise ant that will get you some help. I have gone 5 days a week to deep water aerobics since Jan 2. Now I need to talk to my Fat Girl and stop craving snacks at 10 and 3. Prayer is the other thing that could work but I am not sure what to ask for in this case.

Anonymous said...

Try to keep in mind that Fat girl didn't move in overnight--she sneaked in slowly and that's the way she'll have to leave, too!

MaryLu said...

Good point, Anonymous. I just want her to know that she is no longer in charge here, and one of these days she's outa here!

Nigel Lane said...

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