Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Phone calls...

are the most wonderful things aren't they? Especially when they are from your sweetheart half a world away.

It is so nice to be able to share and communicate just like he was at his office 20 minutes away instead of thousands of miles.

God has blessed us with this communication. It hasn't always been this way. In past deployments there was often no communication for days, even weeks. I am so thankful that we can talk almost daily.

It allows me the opportunity to better pray for him when I know the daily struggles he faces.

Daily communication should be a part of our spiritual life too. I've been neglecting my spiritual life lately for some reason. Maybe it's that I think I don't have enough time, or I feel I've gotten too far away from God and can't bridge the gap. But yet, I know that I'm not the one who has to cross the chasm, He has done that already.

Just like our earthly relationships, we need to cultivate and grow deeper in our spiritual relationship too. We wouldn't want to keep talking about the weather with our friends here at home, and we shouldn't always be in the "greeting" mode with God. He wants more from us than our Facebook Status updates, He wants more than an hourly "tweet" telling Him our plans. (He laughs at them anyway.)

He wants deep meaningful conversation. He wants the best for us and daily status updates really aren't the best we can give him.

I think we have become a society that craves all the instant gratification we can get. Microwave popcorn takes too long, frozen dinners make us wait. We are so impatient at red lights, we take airplanes instead of driving and complain about the check-in lines.

I admit I did it today, I was waiting in the 20 items or less line at the grocery store, waiting to purchase my 24 pack of toilet paper. The lady in front of me was having a pleasant conversation with the checker, but I was nearly stewing in my own juices, being impatient about the time it took her to load the lady's groceries. As I walked out the door after paying for my one item, I was mumbling under my breath about how long that took and now I'm going to be late, crab, crab, crab.

What if I spend my "phone call" to God that way? Is my prayer life hurried, impatient, and cranky? Do I just give him my laundry list of requests? Dump on Him my grievances for the day; then expect Him to turn me into a joyful Christian?

You get what you put into a relationship. You reap what you sow, and what you give you will get back in return. When I talk to my sweetheart on the phone, I know that I may not have much time and my next phone call is never guaranteed. I try to leave the conversation with loving attitudes and encouragement. Yet, my conversation with God often times is too quick, cranky and discouraging.

When will you really make time for your Creator? When will you make time to have that meaningful conversation with the One who gave you breath? He is longing to hear from you in a deep and meaningful way, and He doesn't check your Facebook.


Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring! I know I dont always comment on your posts but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your messages, they make me slow down and THINK about things, if only for a minute! you are a blessed woman, I am glad we can stay in touch even if it is just 'status updates' sometimes! great message

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful there is still someone out there that sees it the same way that we do. The status updates aren't for God, you are right, he doesn't read them nor does he really care because it is not the time you are taking out for Him, you are taking it out for yourself! We have really, really, really been focusing on God's will for us and what we can do and listening to what it is he wants us to do....yes, it is hard at times, but then again, it always pays off in the end!!!! I hope that you all start or have started attending church again as I know this has helped me in my "gap" between him and I that I got myself into awhile back!! Hugs and keep up the good work, you are a strong woman and I know you always chose the right thing!!! XO


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