Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sewing up a storm...

I've been "occupying" my sewing room a lot these days and getting projects accomplished.

I have an old mason jar full of slips of paper that I pull each time I finish up a UFO.  Each piece of paper has an unfinished project on it.  When I pull a paper, I must work on that project until it's finished.  Sometimes that is a joy, sometimes, it's a real pain, but discipline is good.

I have to purchase a few things for the latest one I pulled, and there will be a post on that later, it's possibly the ugliest quilt EVER! But it will be loved, and worn, and drug around, and that's what quilting is all about.  Making something wonderful for someone you love. 

Just a little hint about what's coming soon...

Polyester and fur. Oh my!!

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