Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm going to be a Farmer's Wife!

No, Bear hasn't given up becoming a full-time Lutheran pastor. No, we aren't moving and buying 50 acres. (Although that would be lovely!)
I've sipped the tainted kool-aid, I've jumped off the deep end, I've begun something for which I should have my head examined.

With all I have going on in my life; 5 kids in the midst of 5 grade levels of homeschooling, the numerous--like 25--projects already in UFO status, I've begun another.

I'm participating in the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along, FWQAL. The flickr group currently has 962 members.  Sounds mildly cultish to me.

It may take me years, but I'll plug along.  Following the winding path, walking toward the light, and
stitching long hours into the night when I should be doing other things.

My sister, Silver, made me this precious binder cover for which I shall store my secret stash of templates and instructions. Oh, and since these are all templates, I'll be working on this as a carry-along, handstitching project.

Just shoot me now.

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