Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok, it's about time! Time for me to update. Goodness, I had no idea I had been away that long. I do have [two] faithful readers so I'm doing them a disservice by not writing.

Bear has a job as a Chaplain in the reserves. Because this is a public forum, I won't be posting dates and places because of OPSEC, but I will say this. He will be traveling in the next few weeks and we'll be getting overseas pay soon.

God has faithfully and carefully led us to this point. I know this because it almost didn't happen, one person in authority said no, another person in authority said "yes we want you" and the second one of them got the paperwork done first and now Bear is in.

We are so thankful to be finally back in where he can minister to the good soldiers of the armed forces. He has a wonderful Christian Chaplain's Assistant and they get long well. I have chatted with Bear's assistant and he assures me he will take good care of our Chaplain. For that I am thankful.

We were able to spend a wonderful holiday season with Daddy here at home and just after New Years he left again to do training in southern US and is getting to know the soldiers with whom he will work.

On the homefront we are slowly getting caught up on bills, maintenance items and digging ourselves out of our financial pit we were in. God is faithful and has brought us through the wilderness just as He did the Israelites with our sandals intact and our clothes unworn.


Quilting: My Way said...

So glad to hear that your situation is turning around. I have thought of you often as I looked through my blog postings. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Shawn said...

Praise be to God! Indeed! I have tears reading this. Do you have a good FRG group? Let me know if you need any support, with the "overseas" comment! Bless your family!

fawndear said...

So happy for you and Bear with his new job. Love that those little blessings are coming your way. No matter how big or small they all come with love from above.
Best wishes for a bright future.

MaryLu said...

Bear is leaving with a unit from back east, so I'm not in close physical proximity to the unit. But no worries, this is our 3rd deployment, I'm on the unit's email list and I have a wonderful church family who is a great boon to my spirits. Plus, I have my blog and all of you!!


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