Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So, apparently this is to be the characteristic that I am to work on this year.

Jealousy. It has struck me again. I was telling a friend yesterday how I was feeling jealous because another friend's husband came home on R&R and I don't get to see Bear.

Well, I just found out that spouses and girlfriends of Bear's contemporaries are flying to see them off. We can't go and now the ugly green monster has hit me again. Argh!!

Why do I do this? I said goodbye already. Why does it bother me so when people get to do things that I can't? I must not let this get me down. This is not an attribute that God is proud of in me. I have a family to run and a household to take care of. Stop it! Stop it, right now, I say.

In case you are reading this, Bear. I love you so much and wish that I could be there with you. I'll work on my heart and you stay steadfast. We'll be together in God's time.


Ms Hen said...

Someone told me there is a different between Envy and Jealousy.

I forget which is which.

One is healthy; you wish for the same thing..but still pleased that others have it.

The other one is that you really have bad wishes for those that have something you want.

Like I wished I had a wonderful husband; but the people I know that do; I am not wishing them anything bad. I'm in fact happy that I have these examples...because some did not get remarried until late 40s or even early 60s.

So I have the good one not the bad one (forget which is which..).

It is good you have feelings and not denying them. And I don't think you wish those people did not get to go; you just wish you could too. I think you have the good healthy one. And you express gratitude for the good you do have.

Ms Hen said...

Thanks for the tip on blow drying too. lol. Thank you very very much..I'm going to try it.

I only blow dry my hair once a week; the other times I wash it I let it dry curly since I don't have any plans on some days...(too much blow drying is drying too)


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