Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chel's Birthday Party

Tonight I'm having a tea party with a bunch of giggly girls. I know, I should have my head examined. Chels loves to hold tea parties for her birthday and since it is so near Christmas, we tend to "do it up right!" We get out the pretty tea things, lace, doilies, white gloves and hats.

Instead of presents this year, she wants to collect items for health kits for the needy. (What a sweetie!) So instead of horsey things, or books, or new CD's she'll be getting toothpaste, socks, and shampoo for her birthday.

I'll post pictures of the actual event soon.

Have to run, dah-ling. I need to iron some Battenberg lace, brew up some Earl Grey, and dig out the punch bowl.


The Hobbit said...

Yup, you are looney, but a good mom.

Meredith said...

It sounds like so much fun. I love doing birthday parties for my girls. I am completely crazy with it but to see how much fun they can have when we throw a little magic into their special day makes it all worth while. I hope you, and she, had fun.
Thanks for your prayers and comments. You are a dear friend! Never in my life have I felt the prayers people have sent up to the throneroom for me more than I have this last month. Keep 'em coming!

We Are A Happy Family said...

I hope that Chel had a great birthday party. We sure miss you.


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