Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hospital Update

Thank you, dear readers for your prayers. Here is a quick update on my family members.

My mother in law, Nana is still in the hospital and will undergo tests today to see where the blockage is exactly and what can be done about it. They may or may not operate pending the outcome of the testing. Pop may move her to a bigger hospital, (they live in a small town, with one small hospital.)

My friend Larry from the food bank is home now and recovering from his 6-bypass surgery last Saturday. I'm going to volunteer today, and I better not see him there! He has a tendency to overwork and not recuperate enough. Last Thursday while he was supposed to be resting, he called 6 times to remind us of something he was sure we had forgotten. "Yes, Larry, we know." "Yes, Larry, you left us a list." "Yes, Larry, Fran will take care of that, she's already gotten it out of the freezer." "Yes, Larry! Quit calling! Go lie down!" "Goodbye, Larry!" See, he's pointing and telling people what to do?

Some people just don't know how to delegate very well. Sigh...


We Are A Happy Family said...

Thanks for keeping us informed

Emily said...

How cute that Larry is using his retirement to bless others. Very cool.


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