Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Shameless Self Promotion

I'm involved with a company which helps people restore and preserve their memories. They might be called scrapbooks. The company might have two initials, which are the same as my daughter's. And the founder might have appeared recently in an interview with Donny Deutch on The Big Idea.

I love this comany, I love what it stands for, I love taking photos and making them into "histories" of my family. I love creating special books that my kids enjoy perusing. I love it that a favorite past time of their's is to drag out "their books" and read the stories about themselves.

I was surfing, (imagine that!) and came across a few you tube videos. (I haven't quite figured out how to imbed them here, but you can always click on the link and watch them on youtube.

Another cool thing I just found, a movie about it! !!

Where was I when this came out? Man! How do I get a copy? Sold out, he says! Gotta have it, anybody have one collecting dust somewhere?

Ok, go watch the interview with Rhonda, (oh, whoops, wasn't supposed to say her name!)


agrantham81 said...

I was soo lucky, I found out when the release was and got to go and see Wes in person in Sydney Aus (I live near there, LOL). I might watch that again tonight, haven't seen it in a while. And it always remotivates me to scrap.
And I am affiliated with not named company too, cept in Aus.

Totallyscrappy said...

You kill me!! Just call me Totallyscrappy!

Karen said...

I love to scrap but just don't find the time. It's also hard to do it with little people wanting to 'help'. Maybe I should get them doing a few pages of their own to look back on when they're older - their memories through their eyes at the time...


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