Friday, August 31, 2007

No Yard Sale--Canning peaches and pears.

I was supposed to have a yard sale today with my neighbor across the street. We spend most of the day yesterday cleaning and sorting her garage for the sale. I had been sorting stuff for quite some time and had a pile ready in the garage. But unfortunately, it has been so hot in my garage that the pears and peaches are ripening too fast. I thought I had a week or more to get them done. So instead of selling, I'll be canning today. It actually will be a good day to be in the kitchen, it is a bit cloudy, imagine that, here, in Washington, cloudy! Go figure.
I cleaned the kitchen and have all my jars sorted, I'm doing pear halves, maybe, (I cut them up anyway for the kids, so I'm thinking why not cut them up now.)
I'll post tallys later.

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