Tuesday, August 28, 2007

62 quarts and 1 pint!

Tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and spices. 9 am on Monday to after 2 am on Tuesday. hot stove, sticky floors, 4 loads in the dishwasher, soup and bread for the kids and Hubby, burning hands from the acidic tomaotes.

Couldn't have done it without DC and her son.

Absolutely exhausted.

I'm not blogging very coherantly, nor am I spelling correctly, I don't suppose. I have sat here for the last hour and a half trying to figure out my blog again, it has been nearly a year. Couldn't figure out how to post again. Finally, blogger just kind of figured it out on it's own. Good, cause I have no brains right now.

DC and her son came to help me to day and oh, my, what a blessing they were to me. I never couldn't have gotten it done without them. Last week, I made about 50-60 pints and half pints of jams and jellies. My cupboard is full out in the garage. Saturday, we got 5 boxes of Tomatoes, 6 boxes of pears and 3 of peaches. I thought I was going to be doing peaches, and pears today, but they were still unripe, so I did the tomatoes.

We diced onions, peeled cloves of garlic and mixed herbs and spices for Italian Sauce. I didn't really cook it all together, just added the stuff to the jars and I'll jazz it up when I make the spaghetti sauce later.

I'm tired, and I want this last batch to be done. Will try to add a picture.

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