Sunday, September 15, 2013

My family should totally thank Ree Drummond

I love me some Pioneer Woman! I have been a follower on her blog for a while now, but now that I have my own ranch--it pales in comparison to hers, but one can dream--I have been watching every episode. My DVR is full.  Don't anyone touch the delete button, either.  I'll have your hide.

I have implemented many of her ideas in my own homemaking. I store my staples in mason jars, (actually, I did that before I came to love her.) I love cowboy boots, horses and basset hounds. 

I don't have a basset hound yet, but I'm working on it.  I just have to reconcile the fact that the hound might actually sleep on my couch.  I'm not ok with that yet.

I use handkerchiefs for napkins now just like she does.
I homeschool, just like she does.  I'm a blogger, just like she is, I could go on and on!
We are practically twins!

But since I have begun watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, my cooking has really improved.  I have made the most amazing biscuits.
Her four layer chocolate cake has nearly put me in a sugar coma, and put me in good standing with friends and family.

Her brisket is to die for! I even nearly killed myself after making her mashed potatoes. Ok, not really.  But the knife did get me pretty good. I blame it on the knife, not the recipe or the cook.

All I got say is, my family should all be writing thank-you letters to Ree.  I obsess about her a lot, but she is the reason my family is eating so well.

Thank you, Pioneer Woman!


Billy @ laura jane images said...

I have been following The Pioneer Woman for years now too! We love her, the kids even sit down and watch her show with me and we drool over her recipes. We had a bassinet hound named Charlie too but that's when we found out for sure that I'm allergic to dogs :/ Keep up the good work friend <3 I know you kids will look back on it with fond memories as the grow

Joanne said...

Never heard of her ... will certainly check out the webpage though.

Did you all move?

I hope you are well! Love, j

Janet Reeves said...

I've never seen this show. I'll have to watch for it!

Kat Varn said...

I just gained five pounds reading this!!


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