Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tin Lizzie 18 DLS

My dear sweet hubby let me buy, in fact encouraged me to purchase, a floor model Tin Lizzie 18 DLS. 
I've been stitching lots of flimsies lately, and getting a lot done, yet I feel sort of numb to it all.

I put money down on layaway before Gordon died and brought the machine home just after the funeral.

I promise I will post pictures and add descriptions soon, my heart hurts, I'm in emotional pain and quilting gives me something to concentrate on and a brainless task to accomplish.  It has been my therapy, literally, to go in my sewing room and just work.

The house is sort of falling apart, my kids are bickering and their schooling is slacking considerably.

This post may not even be coherent, I'm feeling very foggy since Gordon's funeral.


Anonymous said...

Just saying im jealous if find another one reasonable let me know ! Crystal your dear friend that just wrecked her husbands mustang with a deer!!

Quilting from Robin's Nest said...

I am praying for you and your family. It must be a tough time for all of you. However, the quilting is great therapy - speaking from experience - I sometimes count my blessings one piece at a time, especially when I need to be remindered that there is a lot about this life that is joyful. Remember, this feeling will change and life will go on, just give yourself permission to grieve.

Melanie said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you find some comfort in quilting.

MTN MAMA said...

Finding your blog I am sure was no accident because I believe God orchestrates everything for good to them who love Him....and I DO!! My husband has battled 13 years with non-Hodgkins lymphoma....a blood cancer. In Dec he underwent a non-related donor bone marrow transplant at Baylor University in Dallas TX. It has been rough. Six weeks ago his new marrow started failing and it has been downhill since then. We are currently undergoing another chemo hoping to suppress the cancer in the marrow and allow the new marrow to work again. I too have been talking about getting a quilting machine....because I am comforted by the entire process of quilting...the fabrics, the planning, the sewing, the quilting...I UNDERSTAND the way you feel exactly!! You can read and follow our whole story on his caring bridge site.... name- jeffreydsmith. I pray for comfort during this time of grief in your life. May God bless you greatly!!

Jo said...

I am so sorry that loss has come to your family. Like you I find quilting to be some type of therapy. I was recently over at Mary Quilts. (link on my blog roll) and find great quilting design ideas.


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