Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sink or Swim

I've begun.

I've jumped in with both feet first into the swirling mass of books, pencils and kids.

I'm desperately trying to keep my nose above water.

Teaching 4 children with 4 different grades isn't turning out as easy as I had hoped. The girls usually finish their assignments and have to wait for me to assign the next item. I'm constantly interrupted while teaching new concepts to the boys either by Boo trying my patience, or one of the girls wondering what they can do next.

I know there must be an easier way. I've had friends who have home schooled 10 children at a time, each one in a different grade level. I'm not Super Woman. I've got to get more organized so that I'm not constantly feeling like I'm just at the surface of the water ready to go under at any moment.

On a positive note, I'm loving having my children around me and being able to tell them and teach them things during each moment throughout the day. Those moments when I catch them doing something sweet for a sibling. When they help someone else without being asked. When they are curious about a concept we read about. It is gratifying to see their curious minds at work.

It is amazing to see that Chels is actually smarter than me. That's scary. We have to go through her math book together so that I can understand the concepts and teach them to her. She's bright, smart and amazing.

I'm so glad that we decided to do this. I just need to find a way to make it run smoothly.


Carol said...

It'll come together. Just give yourself some time.

Tracy said...

Try doing less...

I give my children a schedule listing what I expect them to do each day and a pile of books. For the most part, they choose the order of subjects. My only rule there is that they must complete a subject once it is begun. I've had some students able to handle their own schedules and teach themselves as early as 3rd grade, others no so young. They can read textbooks, they can read and understand instructions. When they need help, they will usually ask. If they don't understand and don't ask, I'll catch that as I go over papers each evening.

English has an oral drill or class practice--we do these out loud and usually master the topics by the time the lesson is done. (I learn, too.)

Of course, pre-readers need the most help, but the older ones can do a lot toward teaching themselves and it's a good skill to learn. Let them soar where they are able and preserve your strength for the weaknesses you will discover--then you can spend more time and energy where they need it most.

omashee aka Barb said...

Prayer, MaryLu, Prayer! Time and patience... it will come together.

Mommarock said...

I'm homeschooling my son as well, I am using Saxon for math because they have a cd that he can watch on TV that will instruct the lesson for him. Very helpful for me as it is pre algebra. I only have one child, but this would perhaps help with the math for you and free up some time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mom to Six... This is Joyce from We're publishing your story about the 2007 Christmas Perp today. Thought this might be a fun way to let you know, though I sent you the regular notice by private mail.

It will be here:

Hope you and your fans enjoy it!

And congrats on the homeschooling! Great choice!


Anonymous said...

Have them pick out a few books they want to read or include a required reading list in your curriculum. When some of the kids get done ahead of others, they can pull out a book and read for awhile - it worked well when I was in class and finished before other students, we could quietly read until everyone was done.

Good luck!


Ian said...

Hi! I'm a dad of 2 toddlers, and just read your HeroicStory. My hat's off to you, mom of 6! My 2 are already such a handful! :)

Anonymous said...

I just read your story on Heroic Stories. Get ready for your readership of "2" to grow - LOL.

I have a similar experience. I have a Secret Santa that goes to my church and every year for about 15 years running they have left an envelope in our mail slots addressed to me with a $20 bill inside. They have never signed their name so I don't know who it is.

I am a single mother of one and have lived in subsidized housing for many years. Now don't think $20 isn't much it is probably a sufficient sacrifice to one of our Godly seniors and it is a Godsend to me allowing me some breathing room in my Christmas budget.

Edie Mindell said...

It's great that you're homeschooling your kids. I'm into homeschooling my kids also. Don't worry about it, just be patient and everything will turn out great.:-)


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