Friday, June 18, 2010

Another UFO Finish

Just finished another UFO. This one really was the oldest one I had. I thought that the pinwheel quilt was older, but after reviewing dates, I discovered that this one was started in 1991, this was my second quilt. The first was a needle turn applique, (what was I thinking?) quilt in a queen size to fit on my bed.

My tumbler quilt was laid out on my mother's family room floor while my husband was in basic training back in 1991. I lived with my parents while he was away. I cut out the shapes with a template and scissors and sewed one row at a time and laid it back down on the floor. There are so much faster methods now!

I wanted a gradient style quilt that sort of faded from pinks, to blues and then greens. I don't know if I had enough pieces to really accomplish this, but in my early unskilled years as a quilter, I don't think I did too badly.

I decided to quit a little paisley in each dark tumbler and stitched 1/4 away from the seam on the light colored squares. If I had it to do all over, I think I would just do an all over fan pattern, I think it's called a Baptist fan. That's a favorite of Bonnie Hunter's, and I'm a fan of hers.


Nann said...

Wow! What a treasure you created. The color gradation is nicely done. Congratulations on the finish.

Quilting: My Way said...

I like this one. Is it hand piece and quilted or done by machine? I did a queen-size (hand pieced and hand quilted)grandma's flower garden during my husband's deployments. I find it fun to think that someone else keeps track of quilts based on a spouse's military assignments. I do the same thing.

Joanne said...

Hello! Long time no see. I think I need to take care of all my UFO's too. I actually got one out this morning and started working on it ... and then other things came up. Well, it's there when I'm ready ... and has been for the last few years :)

Stop by my blog and read the "About me" section to catch up on all that's been going on ... and then get back to me. joanne @

Lord bless you and your family - tell all we said 'hello'.

Love, Joanne


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