Sunday, May 2, 2010

My oldest UFO finished!

A dear friend of the family asked me to handquilt a quilt for her too many years ago to count. I can't remember who did the piecing, some relative of hers. I've had it on my GraceFrame hand quilting frame for a long time.

I have had 5 more children since then, moved five times and carefully packed it along each time.

I was determined to start finishing things while Bear is gone on this deployment. This was the UFO that gave me the most grief and added stress to my life. The guilt associated with having this quilt for so long stifled my creativity and nagged at the back of my procrastinating brain.

It's done!! I pulled it off the frame a few weeks ago and finished hand sewing the binding on yesterday. I washed and dried it, and took a picture for my archives. I will attach a label before I send it off to my friend, if she still counts me as one.

Even though a twin size quilt only weighs a few pounds, I feel like a TON has been lifted off my shoulders!


Quilting: My Way said...

Good for you! I know how that goes. I have an Amish wall hanging that I am supposed to handquilting, and it just is not happening.

Quilter Kathy said...

Congratulations! I have recently finished an 18 year old UFO also! It is quite an accomplishment! And a tribute to your commitment that after all these years of working on it, and thinking about your friend, and moving house and raising children, that you followed through on finishing this quilt.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations! What a beauty, and what a joy to have it done!
Jeanne :)


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